10 Ways to Get People to Follow Your Diet

It seems like all people do is argue on the internet.  At least that's the case in discussions on clean eating.  The comments section on youtube is flooded with never-ending arguments about dieting, particularly between vegans and meat-eaters.  In these arguments, people use numerous "strategies" to attack others in a useless attempt to prove their point, …

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Diet Dangers

I stumbled upon the idea of clean eating three years ago.  A simple, pure way of eating that claimed not to be a “diet”- what could be bad? In a few short months, I became obsessed.  I kept a screenshot of an ideal clean eating grocery list open on my phone as a guideline for …

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Food Fight

Why do we fight about food on the internet? Now I’m never one to get involved in comment section controversy, but I have witnessed many conflicts that have left me both amused and perplexed.  In the non-digital world, people can be friends regardless of their dietary preference.  Yet once we log on, we become enemies. …

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